A season of obstacle running for free?

So you’ve caught the bug, you are now addicted to obstacle running and you can’t get enough of it. Climbing up cargo nets, crawling through muddy tunnels, wading through ice cold streams, bruising your shins and cutting your knees all in a mornings
work and you want to do another one the following month! Hell why not!

Obstacle running has taken the country by storm and with so many events across the UK it’s hard to know which to choose. Is it as simple as the closest event to your home town, the amount of obstacles throughout the run, the overall running distance, have your mates dragged you along when really the best option is to run as many as you can physically handle.

I know I would love to run in an obstacle event at least once a month but to put it plainly I just wouldn’t be able to afford it. The average cost of obstacle running is around £60 a race, ad your petrol, new trainers and parking tickets and the day soon ads up. Yes I think that these events are worth every penny but to compete in a whole season of runs just wouldn’t be possible especially in the popular months when there are nearly 10 events to choose from.

I would welcome the challenge and knowing just how much these events boost my training for me it’s important to have at least 4 booked in throughout the year.

Now you may wonder where this post is heading, the title said something about “obstacle running for free” did I read that properly (I wrote it). Last season I managed to run 4 events and 3 of those events where totally free of charge and 1 was heavily discounted and I would like to tell you how you can do the same.

It’s simple, it’s fun, you meet lots of new people interested in the sport but the best thing is you save money and who doesn’t like to save money.

Nearly ALL obstacle and mud running events offer you the chance to run for free if you dedicate your time and volunteer as a marshal and trust me marshalling these events is a lot of fun. When you’re on the other side of the fence and having experienced taking part in these types of events you become part of the team but the best part is helping those runners who are just on the edge of giving up. I know what it feels like to run across the finish line, collect my medal having attempted all of the obstacles and I want everyone else to experience the same feeling of fulfilment.

I plan my season ahead, so for example I was a marshal at the last Warrior Run in October and their way of saying thank you is by giving me free entry to the next event. So my obstacle running diary looks something like this

Jan – Race / free or heavily discounted
Feb – Marshal
Mar – Race / free or heavily discounted (Warrior Run Brighton – thanks guys can’t wait)
Apr – Race / free or heavily discounted
May – Marshal
Jun – Marshal and Race / free or heavily discounted

You get the drift!

So you love obstacle running, in fact you are addicted to it you’ve even subscribed to the latest addition in obstacle racing, OCR Magazine and you want to run more and more and more until you just can’t take any more bruises.

Volunteer, have a top day and reap the rewards. You won’t regret it!



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