Warrior Run supports QAHH

The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home (QAHH) is a national charity that provides nursing and rehabilitation to disabled veterans from across the UK. Established in 1919, QAHH has been providing first class care to our country’s ex-Servicemen and women since the end of WWI, and today it continues to support more than 100 veterans and their families each year.

Residents travel from across the UK to take advantage of the on-site services provided. At QAHH, they can receive physiotherapy, speech therapy, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, counselling and first-class nursing. The Hospital Home enables residents to live as independently and actively as possible in an environment that they can think of as their home.

QAHH is also dedicated to caring for residents’ emotional wellbeing through an extensive programme of internal and external social and recreational activities, cognitive and behavioural therapy and counselling.

Anyone who has served in HM Forces at any time or in any capacity and also immediate family members of someone who has served in HM Forces is eligible for admission at QAHH.

Scott’s story
In 2011, 47 year old James Scott McClements (known as Scott), was brutally mugged in Brighton. Struck with a blunt weapon across the head, he was left with 14 pieces of skull lodged in his brain, in return for £60, a watch and a mobile phone. Suffering a subdural haematoma, Scott was left in a critical condition. He woke, needing a tracheotomy to breathe, unable to speak or swallow, and with little movement in the right side of his body, he needed hoisting to transfer from his wheelchair to the toilet or his bed. He had all but lost his life along with his dignity and independence.

Having served for nine years with the Parachute Regiment, in Northern Ireland, Somalia and the Falklands, in March 2012 Scott transferred to the Queen Alexandra Hospital Home where he received 24hr nursing and rehabilitation.

During his time at QAHH, Scott made incredible progress. He began to breathe, eat and drink independently and over a period of time his speech dramatically improved. With four physiotherapy sessions a week, Scott learnt to walk 40 metres and climb stairs and then learnt to transfer from his wheelchair, allowing him greater privacy and a restored sense of dignity. Following reconstruction surgery on his skull and a metal plate fitted, Scott was ready to return to home. In January 2013, Scott returned to Ireland to live with his mother and to continue his rehabilitation.



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