WARRIOR RUN – Challenge yourself. Be part of the South Coast’s toughest run.

With over 50 obstacles per 7k lap, you’ll be crawling through nets, climbing walls, smashing through swamps, throwing yourself over dirt mounds, hauling logs and tyres, making your way through webs and tunnels and splashing through the ditches and streams that make up the course.

Whether you’re a professional runner just looking for something a bit different (there’s a paved section of the course so road runners don’t feel left out!), a unique gift for someone who loves a challenge, a group of friends looking for a different, fun day out or you’re just wanting to test yourself – Warrior Run can accommodate you.

Starting out in event running? Take the one lap, 7k route. Want to go a little harder? Why not take the two lap, 14k option. Fancy yourself a real warrior? Run the course three times and congratulate yourself on the knowledge you’ve just crashed through 21k of the toughest obstacles you’ll encounter on a cross country event anywhere in the country.

With a great group warm-up before the event, music pumping throughout the course to keep motivation levels high and excellent facilities at the event village including beer tents, entertainment and lots of food, the event has a festival-like atmosphere. Spectators have free reign of the course to cheer you on, so bring a car full!


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