Free Yoga Class

Training for an obstacle run can seem a little daunting especially if its your first time, not really knowing what to expect or just how your body is going to react. To be honest we never know exactly what to expect as the course has been different every time and can be largely dependent on the weather.

So to help you out a little bit we have decided to put some Pop-Up Warrior Run events out and about in the local area and we have also teamed up with Blossom Tree Yoga to offer FREE Yoga classes in the build up to the run. Just follow us on Facebook to keep updated with these events.

Valerie from Blossom Tree Yoga has designed a 1 hour 15 minute yoga class designed to help improve your core strength along with many other benefits that Yoga brings, so please feel free to take full advantage of these sessions.

Valerie gained her teacher training in hatha yoga meditation and pranayama at the international chandra school in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains of dharmalsala India! She prides herself on physical awareness of the body and what it takes to create strength stamina and flexibility with a touch of spiritual influences.

This enables the body to absorb open and breath, preparing it for life’s experiences. Join Valerie in a yoga experience through warrior run to prepare the mind body and spirit for this challenging event!

Spaces are FREE and limited, please email us to confirm your attendance.

The next class is Thursday 21st August at 6.30pm – first come first served basis.




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