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The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home (QAHH) is a national charity that provides nursing and rehabilitation to disabled veterans from across the UK. Established in 1919, QAHH has been providing first class care to our country’s ex-Servicemen and women since the end of WWI, and today it continues to support more than 100 veterans and their […]

13 Aug

Training for an obstacle run can seem a little daunting especially if its your first time, not really knowing what to expect or just how your body is going to react. To be honest we never know exactly what to expect as the course has been different every time and can be largely dependent on […]

slippy_slide_orange 07 May

We were in the Warrior Run HQ having a chat about new obstacles when someone asked the question, “How many obstacles is there in one 6k lap?”. We both looked at each other scratching our heads and replied with “25 to 30 I think”. What kind of answer is that! So we decided to list […]

tunnell_pull 07 Mar

After such a successful launch in 2013, Warrior Run has become one of the biggest obstacle run events in the South of England. And unlike other events it is only a stone’s throw away from Brighton, taking place just 5 miles North at Qleisure. The first event this year takes place on Sunday 30th March […]

girls_orange2 07 Mar

So you’ve caught the bug, you are now addicted to obstacle running and you can’t get enough of it. Climbing up cargo nets, crawling through muddy tunnels, wading through ice cold streams, bruising your shins and cutting your knees all in a mornings work and you want to do another one the following month! Hell […]

warm_up_orange 12 Dec

We’re excited to inform you that a NEW magazine is launching in January, dedicated to our wonderful world of Obstacle Racing. OBSTACLE RACE Magazine. Each issue is going to be packed full of the latest news in the OCR scene, race reviews, previews, kit testing, racer profiles, training tips and much much more. The best way to guarantee receiving the […]

cargo_orange 12 Dec

Here’s a great review of the October ’13 Warrior Run From Tess originally posted over on the Fit Bits blog. A couple of weeks ago me and the bfit crew flung ourselves around the 6km course of swamps, rope ladders, tunnels, cargo nets, climbing frames, monkey bars, hills and myriad of other obstacles that is […]

mud_slide2 12 Dec

Last weekend Warrior Run returned to Brighton for their second instalment of obstacle race fun. This time they had a 6km and 12km (two lap) options available. I have great pleasure in welcoming the return of Nathan, who’s written about his experiences on the two lap course. Take it away Nathan… It seems like every […]

mud_slide2 12 Nov

What better way than to kick off our Warrior Run Blog than to start with a question, What is a mud run? It may sound very straight forward to some people but it may seem like a bit of a mess to others, so here it goes What is a mud run……….. The countdown begins, […]

blake2 12 Nov

  If you’re planning on taking part in the toughest obstacle run in the South then chances are you want to put in a good performance and be proud of your accomplishments. It’s therefor vital that you are adequately fuelled for the event in order for your body to be able to push itself further […]