Can you ever have too many obstacles?

We were in the Warrior Run HQ having a chat about new obstacles when someone asked the question, “How many obstacles is there in one 6k lap?”. We both looked at each other scratching our heads and replied with “25 to 30 I think”. What kind of answer is that! So we decided to list every obstacle including the natural surroundings such as the sand bank hill climbs and trenches. The list came to a staggering 58 obstacles.

Thats 58 seperate obstacles within a 6km lap and just to make you even happier we are going to be adding more for the next event! We love OCR and we love building obstacles so expect a bit more for your money in October.

We have listed the obstacles below in order as they appear from the start line:

  1. Water Pit (October event)
  2. Mini hurdles
  3. Straw Bale Hurdles
  4. Rossetts Uni-Mog / Mercedes – Climb on / Jump off
  5. Big hole in the ground to jump in then climb your way out
  6. Log carry which includes 2 mini leg burners
  7. Giant traktor tyres to climb over
  8. Stream and Large tunnel
  9. 20ft Tunnel crawl
  10. Running through the stream
  11. Mini tunnels
  12. Wall Climb (angled with rope)
  13. Monkey Bars
  14. Tyre Carry
  15. The Assault Course*** (the assault course includes 26 obstacles)
  16. The swamp / section 1 (includes, water splash and mud crawl)
  17. 3 Leg burners (steep hill climbs)
  18. Water Slide
  19. The Ladder
  20. Mini tunnels into a under cover mud crawl which leads into the final section of camo net
  21. 5 Leg burners (steep hill climbs)
  22. Parachute crawl
  23. Rope Ladder
  24. Abseil
  25. 3 Trenches
  26. Steep hill climb (with ropes)
  27. 3 more leg burners (steep hill climbs)
  28. Crawl
  29. Mini Tunnels
  30. Deep Water Splash
  31. 18ft Sand bank climb (with ropes)
  32. 8ft Wall
  33. The eliminator (with ropes)


The assault course within the run which we really class as 1 obstacle contains the following:

5 Walls
2 Roll/Crawl under bars
3 Trenches (2 jump in and run out / 1 jump in crawl out)
1 Cargo Net Climb
Box Jumps
1 Tunnel crawl
1 Spiders Web
1 Balance Beam
1 Tyre Wall
Monkey Bars
2 Tall Ladders
Mini Fire Pit (jump over)
Rope Climb
Over and Under Box with a crawl exit
Rail Climb
Tyre Flip

All of the above are built into the surroundings of the course making it an incredible OCR experience. Watch this space as we plan to build you more. Bigger walls are on the list plus we are building a new area all together. We cant wait for October #IMMORTALS



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