Warrior Run Brighton

Sep / 30

5th October Bib Numbers

Its that time again! Warriors are you ready……? We have been working hard on the course and have changed the route slightly along with some new obstacles we feel that this is the best run yet. You will find your bib numbers below. Lets do this! Bib First name Last name Age Gender Team name […]

Warrior Run Brighton

Aug / 13

Free Yoga Class

Training for an obstacle run can seem a little daunting especially if its your first time, not really knowing what to expect or just how your body is going to react. To be honest we never know exactly what to expect as the course has been different every time and can be largely dependent on […]

Sam Cherry at Warrior Run

May / 7

Can you ever have too many obstacles?

We were in the Warrior Run HQ having a chat about new obstacles when someone asked the question, “How many obstacles is there in one 6k lap?”. We both looked at each other scratching our heads and replied with “25 to 30 I think”. What kind of answer is that! So we decided to list […]