Sam Cherry at Warrior Run

May / 7

Can you ever have too many obstacles?

We were in the Warrior Run HQ having a chat about new obstacles when someone asked the question, “How many obstacles is there in one 6k lap?”. We both looked at each other scratching our heads and replied with “25 to 30 I think”. What kind of answer is that! So we decided to list […]

Warrior Run get over the wall

Mar / 7

Warrior Run, The Build Up. Brighton Active

After such a successful launch in 2013, Warrior Run has become one of the biggest obstacle run events in the South of England. And unlike other events it is only a stone’s throw away from Brighton, taking place just 5 miles North at Qleisure. The first event this year takes place on

Mud run brighton

Mar / 7

A season of obstacle running for free?

So you’ve caught the bug, you are now addicted to obstacle running and you can’t get enough of it. Climbing up cargo nets, crawling through muddy tunnels, wading through ice cold streams, bruising your shins and cutting your knees all in a mornings